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Gutter Pump

Gutter Pump is now available on!

The Gutter Pump can now be purchased directly from  Our product is Prime Eligible and Fulfilled by Amazon to make ordering and shipping a breeze.

The Gutter Pump is a Deceptively Simple Rain Gutter Insert

The Gutter Pump is a revolutionary innovation in exterior home maintenance. This simple rain gutter insert is designed to keep gutter downspouts clog-free, which it accomplishes through two unique tasks:

  • First, it prevents leaves and clogging debris from entering the downspout, which ensures clear water passage if the gutter is regularly maintained.
  • Also, in the event of heavy downpours, it creates a self-priming siphon, literally pulling up to 50 gallons of water per minute from the gutter system.
The Gutter Pump uses both gravity flow and siphon flow.

Watch the following video to see the Gutter Pump in action.

Quick, Easy Installation

Simply drop into the downspout.  Remove any existing blockage prior to installation.

Install the Gutter Pump into your downspout.

Saves Time and Effort

Drastically prolongs the time between gutter cleanings.

A close-up of a clock showing the time.


Made from weather-grade polypropylene for years of reliable service.

Raindrops falling into a puddle.


Just one Gutter Pump per downspout provides total gutter system protection!

A drawing of a dollar sign in a notebook.

Broadly Effective

Not only protects your drainage systems, but also acts as a scoop to help with gutter maintenance.


Good Value

Proudly manufactured with quality materials in the United States.

An American flag, showing our product is proudly made in the United States.

Awards and Recognition

“Best of Show – Colorado”
QVC’s “Quest for America’s Best”
50 in 50 Tour, 1997

Award of Distinction for the Marketing of Innovative Products
Do-It-Yourself Retailing Magazine
1999 National Hardware Show, Chicago, Illinois

Colorado’s Most Innovative New Products Award
Home & Garden – Outdoor category
The Denver Business Journal, 1998

Awarded U.S. Patent in 2000
U.S. Patent #6,035,580

The Gutter Pump has been successfully sold on The Home Shopping Network®, QVC®, through local retailers and specialty catalogs.  Contact us for more info!